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It’s true, sometimes some people don’t want to work together in person for three hours. Others may not live in Boulder County or Colorado. That doesn’t mean Agent Yes can’t help you!

If you are truly motivated to organize your life, Agent Yes can teach and facilitate your customized organizational plan over the phone. While she won’t be there to make sure you stay on task, she can provide you with the plan, support and encouragement you need to succeed!

It all starts with a phone call and in-person assessment, If you live in the Boulder/Denver area Otherwise, the assessment can be done via Skype or phone, with the help of photos.

Virtual organizing services are $50/hour, with a minimum of one hour. Most clients purchase 1-2 hours at a time, and they are non-refundable, but can be transferred to family or friends. Sessions must be purchased in advanced in order to be scheduled.

Some have asked, What IS Virtual Organizing?

Depending on a clients needs, virtual organizing could entail lots of emails or text messages back and forth to tackle a particular organizing challenge but more often it is Agent Yes in front of her laptop (location varies but usually her house) and then the client is at their location via skype or another similar program (eg. Google Hangouts).

A simple answer is it is organizing together without being together in person. It can work well with a client motivated for change who lives virtually anywhere.

How does a Virtual Organizer Work? (What to Expect of Agent Yes’ Virtual Organizing Process)

This is a complicated question as once the assessment is completed, the process really depends on the task/area to be organized.

To start, expectations and logistics and motivations are discussed (if there are questions about this after an assessment) since one drawback is that Michele is not there in person to keep a client on task. She can ask, in advance, that distractions and phone calls be kept to a minimum but life does happen and sometimes distractions are unavoidable so virtual organizing works best if a client can handle a distraction quickly. Otherwise, a client is paying for time that they aren’t using towards their organizing goal(s).

Since a virtual organizing session is usually much shorter than an in person organizing session, one might imagine that progress can be slow and virtual organizing does tend to work better smaller projects that won’t look worse before they look better.

Instead of a huge whole closet project where everything is removed and dealt with and then the keepers are put back, we may focus on a small area of the closet to start and then focus on another part of the closet in the next session.

Encouragement and support and patience are large factors in virtual organizing success and Agent Yes is not shy about making clients feel good their progress. After a session, she often checks in by phone or email and the goals/objectives for the next session are discussed in advance.

Michele Grybeck is new to virtual organizing (just over one year) so she is very honest with potential clients whose projects may not be the best fit for this type of organizing method. In those cases, she may help the client find an organizer in their area who can work with them in person.

What does a Virtual Organizing session look like?

Short answer is that it varies in appearance but it helps to be fond of talking  – a client might be standing in front of their closet and holding up items to their computer/tablet/phone camera to ask about whether to keep/toss/donate clothing or it could be someone sitting on their office floor, tackling an extensive filing system.

Agent Yes has even helped a client sort and toss junk mail via Skype so there is no typical session or task.

Virtual Organizing FAQ

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