Work with Agent Yes

Professional Organizer, Agent Yes, creates a system especially for you.  It’s a customized system that builds on your strengths and learning style and lifestyle.  Whether you’ve been disorganized your whole life  (sometime referred to as chronic disorganization) or have experienced a sudden onset of disorganization due to a life event, Agent Yes has the professional organizer experience and expertise to help in these areas:

  • Chronic  Disorganization
  • Residential Organizing
  • Virtual Organizing
  • Small Business Organizing
  • Organization for Artists
  • And More!

"Organization and decluttering are not skills that come easily to everyone. I know many people have fear surrounding their organizing experiences. I love to hear about your wishes and desires, goals, lifestyle, and your priorities. This helps me help you uncover potential strategies for change. Laughter, creative thinking and honest emotions are encouraged in our sessions together.”

Agent Yes "Helping You Outsmart Chaos since 2004"