Sometimes You Need an Extra Set of Hands

A personal concierge who can run an errand (or 10) for you, help out with party details, personal shopping, gift wrapping, event planning and execution, shipping, checking on your home or pets while you travel and more.

That’s exactly what Agent Yes can do for you—take a few things off your plate so you can focus on the more important aspects of your life.

Sometimes you just need a personal concierge.

She can also:

Agent Yes serves the Boulder area in person, but can assist those in other geographic locations virtually.  Her business (and her vehicles) are fully insured and she’ll never use a contractor or employee to take care of your business.

She is the trusted, dependable concierge you’ve always wanted!

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Please note:  Agent Yes is notable to provide personal concierge services every day so this is more for clients who need occasional help. If you are looking for more permanent help on a regular basis, she is happy to connect you with some great people who are a much better fit for your needs.

Concierge Service FAQ